A Brief History of Dental Veneers – Roseville, CA

Dental Veneers are thin shell-like dental prosthesis made of either composite or porcelain placed on the front surface of the teeth as a cover up for certain teeth imperfections. It provides a fast and easy solution for patients who wish to have a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

The procedure can correct imperfections such as stubborn discoloration, worn down, slightly misaligned, uneven, chipped, broken, gapped, and misshapen teeth. Although several procedures are available nowadays, many people still prefer Veneers since it is minimally invasive.

At Roseville Topsmiles, we offer Porcelain Veneers or Lumineers for patients who want to correct their teeth concerns. Veneers do not merely beautify patient’s smiles; it provides a natural-looking result while improving the function of the teeth for a better overall condition.

Porcelain Veneers are custom-made for each patient to resemble the surrounding teeth for better and natural-looking result. It requires the enamel to be slightly scraped to make way for its proper placement. Compared to composite, porcelain is stain-resistant which ensures long-lasting effects for the smile.

Lumineers are ultra-thin Veneers that are made from a special type of porcelain that is also custom-made for each patient. Compared to the conventional veneers, it does not require the scraping of teeth enamel making it much ideal for other patients who prefer no teeth shavings.


Girl getting her veneers


A Brief History of Dental Veneers

Since the teeth have always played a significant impact on how a person looks and their confidence, many people from the past have developed various procedures to get beautiful teeth and smiles like Veneers. The idea of Veneers has been around for almost a century! It was invented by Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus who have celebrity patients. Its purpose is to provide temporary smile enhancements.

The materials that were used before is acrylic, which were attached by a special adhesive, that allows actors to remove the veneer at any time. As decades passed, dentists realize that the demand for the procedure is not only for actors, even ordinary people can also benefit from veneers. Since it was continually improved, by this time veneers are made from composite and porcelain.

The issue now is the bonding agent that would permanently secure the Veneer in place. By the late 1950’s Dr. Michael Buonocore discovered the use of an etching solution that is mildly acidic to roughen the enamel slightly.

By 1982, Drs. R.J. Simonsen and J.R. Calamia combined the discoveries of Dr. Pincus as well as Dr. Buonocore. They developed hydrofluoric acid that is used as an etching solution for increased bond strength.

Over the years, there are numerous materials or brands of Veneers have emerged which offered an even better option for correcting certain teeth imperfections for better smiles.


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