Dental 101: Getting to Know More About Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be one of the most common dental procedures performed by dentists, but it still tends to scare many patients. Fortunately, by helping everyone understand when and why dentists recommend this procedure, they are more likely to get a better grasp, which also helps ease their worries. That said, we at Roseville Topsmiles prepared a list of must-know information about tooth extraction. Continue reading below!

beautiful woman undergo teeth removal

When do dentists usually require a tooth extraction?

Before braces

In some cases, dentists may advise patients who are candidates for orthodontics to have one or more teeth removed. This step is necessary to make some spaces in the jaw for the treatment to work properly.

Loose tooth

If a patient happens to have some loose teeth, it may be because of gum disease. To prevent the spread of infection and to also save the jawbone, having the problem teeth removed is best.

Having too many teeth

Hyperdontia is a condition of having an excessive number of teeth. Dentists usually advise extraction since this problem can lead to chewing and biting issues.

Tooth infection

In some cases, when infection takes place in the pulp, having the tooth extracted is the only option left to eliminate infection and stop the pain. That is if the patient fails to undergo a root canal procedure.


Patients who are fighting cancer or those with a compromised immune system are usually advised by their dentists to have their decayed teeth extracted. It is to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Why is it necessary to have the teeth extracted?

If patients are told by the dentist to have certain teeth extracted, it is best to comply to avoid more serious issues from developing. One example is an untreated tooth infection that is more likely to worsen without the needed dental attention. Ignoring this problem tooth will cause the gums and bone to weaken over time, leading to damage which is more challenging to repair. Aside from pain and discomfort, the infection may even advance to the surrounding teeth—increasing a person’s chance of developing a deadly condition referred to as sepsis. One other example is overcrowded teeth. If extraction is not considered, an underbite or overbite can worsen and lead to other problems like a bad alignment of the jaw, impacted teeth, infection, and pain.


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