Reasons Why You Need Bone Grafting

Missing a tooth may not be regarded as a big deal, especially when they are not noticeable. However, there are reasons why tooth replacements are needed even when the appearance of your smile is not compromised. When a tooth is missing, your jawbone begins to become resorbed because there is no present tooth to stimulate growth.

Fortunately, bone grafting exists to replace the missing or damaged bone in your jaw. Thanks to this procedure, a bone graft can repair and rebuild the damaged bone needed to support a dental implant. The surrounding teeth can also become loose and eventually fall out if there is no healthy bone regeneration. This will cause future complications. Without bone grafting procedure, your teeth will not have enough bone to latch on to securely.

bone grafting

Roseville Topsmiles has compiled several reasons why people need a bone grafting procedure. 

Teeth misalignment

Although it might seem far-fetched, having misaligned teeth can cause bone loss over time. When the teeth are entirely out of place or if they over-erupt, the bone stimulation can gradually decrease if the teeth are not aligned. There are several methods to straighten teeth that offer a lot of benefits when done. However, bone grafting may be needed in order to ensure that there is enough support for the teeth once they become aligned. 

Periodontal disease 

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a condition that can weaken the jawbone and cause the teeth to become loose. The good news is, periodontal disease can be treated or reversed. With bone grafting, a strong foundation for the teeth can be restored. When the tooth becomes loose, people usually opt to have dental implants to combat it. However, if you have had periodontal disease for an extended amount of time, bone grafting may be necessary to strengthen the bone to support the implants. 

Dental trauma

Dental trauma, including teeth grinding and clenching, can cause excess wear on the tissue that supports the tooth structure. This constant pressure may lead to fractured or cracked teeth, which are not capable of healing. Aside from teeth grinding and clenching, trauma also includes having a tooth knocked out from an accident or by falling down. In this case, a bone graft may be needed. 

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