Adjusting to New Dentures: Tips to Make Eating Easier

For years, people who suffer from tooth loss have been very thankful for a particular dental restoration that let them get renewed smile and confidence. Even since ancient times, people relied on this approach to regain their lost structures. Fortunately, as time continues to advance, so as the services being offered in the field of dentistry. And one thing people should be thankful for is that the new types of dentures are more durable than what is used in the past. As a result, people can actually enjoy the foods they love without any restrictions. However, it is still vital for patients to undergo an adjustment period.


At Roseville Topsmiles, we assure patients that our dentists have extensive experience in providing dentures that fit their needs and budget. But we do not just stop there; we see to it that we can assist even during the adjustment period to make their overall experience bearable. To do so, refer to the list prepared below.

  • Patients are highly encouraged to start with a liquid or soft food diet as the mouth adjusts to new dentures.
  • At first, patients would not be able to judge the temperature of foods due to the insulating property of dentures. So, it is best to be careful when eating something hot.
  • Make it an effort to cook or slice fruits and vegetables before eating for easy consumption.
  • It is normal for the food to taste different at first, but know that this will improve over time as the mouth adjusts.
  • Cereals and whole grain bread may be good for the body, but they tend to stick to the teeth. For denture wearers, make sure to consume these with liquids for easy chewing and swallowing.
  • When chewing, it is best to distribute the food evenly on both sides of the mouth. Doing so helps keep the denture stable.
  • Make sure to chew slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Since red meat tends to be tough, try to replace it with poultry, legumes, eggs, or fish. Settling with slow-cooked meat or stew is ideal as well.
  • Patients can utilize dental adhesives when eating foods that require stronger bites.

Patients should remember that there are no shortcuts in adjusting to dentures. Any soreness is common since the muscles in the mouth play a role in keeping the dentures in place. To avoid extended discomfort, make sure to report any irregularities and follow the instructions provided by the dentist.

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