Bad Breath: Truth or Lie? – Roseville, CA

Many people struggle from bad breath. Some are already aware that they have the condition while others are still clueless until someone pokes them to reveal the ugly truth. People suffering from bad breath usually look for ways to combat the issue. They commonly purchase all the stuff they could find in the oral care section of the grocery store – from breath freshening toothpaste to mints. But only a few of them seek the help of the dentist for a professional treatment. Are these alternatives worth it? Now is the time to debunk some myths!

 Bad Breath


The Truths And Lies Of Bad Breath

Mouthwash can aid bad breath – truth or lie?

It’s a lie! Rinsing the mouth with mouthwash cannot mend the root of the problem. It only overpowers the unpleasant breath smell, but once its effect fades, the original scent is bound to return. Mouth rinsing is an essential step in the daily oral care routine; its primary purpose is to wash away excess food particles that were not eliminated by a floss or toothbrush. It can prevent the occurrence of bad breath, but it cannot cure the condition.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing the teeth makes bad breath go away – truth or lie?

First of all, let us discuss the different causes of bad breath. Halitosis, the medical term of bad breath, is a result of many factors. It can be due to the food that you eat, periodontal disease, certain health-related issues, or poor oral hygiene. If the reason why a person has an unpleasant smell in the mouth is the latter, then brushing and flossing the teeth with the proper techniques can be of great help. In that case, the statement is true. However, if the condition is caused by gum disease, for instance, an in-depth cleaning at the dentist is needed instead.

Bad Breath is permanent and recurring – truth or lie?

It can be a truth and a lie as well. Bad breath persists if the person continues to neglect the issue. On the other hand, it is possible for bad breath to be treated if addressed to the dentist. We at Roseville Topsmiles had been treating halitosis for many years now. We are happy to see our patients finally freed from the devastating oral issue. So, if you find yourself struggling from bad breath, do not hesitate to ask our help. Our team is ready to assist you with your unique dental needs.


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