Dental Implants in Roseville, CA: Reasons to Consider Their Use

If there is something that everyone is thankful for, it is the advancements in technology. With it, transportation, communication, production, and even health care have been improved. With a particular gadget and internet connectivity, people can have easy access to most information that they need. Treatments to health conditions are still being developed and enhanced to ensure their effectiveness.

Even in dentistry, advancements in technology are being utilized to cater to the needs of patients more effectively than ever. For example, newer alternatives to metal braces have emerged, cavity detection is now easier, and comfort despite the initial fear is attainable. But most of all, teeth restoration is far better than ever, thanks to the discovery of dental implants! Our practice at Roseville Topsmiles happens to offer the said procedure, read on below to know more!

 Dental Implant


What are Dental Implants?

It is the most in-demand solution to edentulous patients nowadays. Instead of wearing misfitted and wobbly dental appliance, restorations are now more stable, durable, and natural-looking. Implants are not the teeth itself; instead, these are posts usually made of titanium. Our dentist at Roseville Topsmiles would surgically place a number of implants in strategic places to mimic the function of real roots. After it heals, a dental crown, bridge, or denture will be attached to these anchors depending on the number of teeth that needs to be replaced.


More Reasons to Consider a Restoration with Dental Implants

    • Implant restorations prevent the possible occurrence of bone loss by restimulating the jawbone after a tooth or two are lost.
    • As an added benefit, titanium implants can promote the growth of jawbone — all credits to osseointegration (formation of a bond between the bone and post).
    • It preserves more of the natural structures since it does not require enamel reduction to make way for any prostheses to be used.
    • Cleaning is easy since regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing normally performed would suffice — no need to use special creams or solutions.
    • Messy dental adhesives are no longer needed since the prostheses are securely supported with the surgically placed implants.
    • Eating is not a hassle since patients are free to consume the foods they love without worrying for slipping or broken oral appliance.
    • Prostheses used are carefully designed to resemble the appearance of real teeth for them to provide a pleasing and natural-looking aesthetics.
    • With the right care and maintenance, dental implants can last for a lifetime!

 Are you aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about Dental Implants in Roseville, CA, or to schedule your appointment with Roseville Topsmiles!