Know the Reasons to Keep on Smiling and How to Do so – Roseville, CA

Nowadays, it is hard to keep a straight face especially in front of a camera. When seeing old portraits, people cannot help but think about how they were able to not smile at all in the past. It is not because of the absence of photography, but smiling was just not the common facial expression until the 1900s and onwards.

 Girl Smiling

 A simple act of smiling not only makes someone’s day better, but it can also improve a person’s life. Curious? Read on.

Smiling can turn one’s frown upside down

It may be true that not everyone who smiles is happy, but it can actually turn into reality. When feeling down, try to practice smiling by saying the word “cheese” or by gently biting down on a pen. The result? A genuine smile. It is noted that the movement of the muscles can change the amount of blood flow to the brain and even its temperature. This act, in turn, causes the mood to change and lift.

Instant face-lift

There is no need for any studies to prove this point since it does show by simply smiling. When the muscles lift when smiling, the cheeks become rounder, and it also stretches the skin.

Higher pain endurance

By smiling and laughing, chemicals like endorphins are being released by the brain. These chemicals can help a person feel less pain compared to those who do not smile and laugh more often.

Improves social, professional, and romantic relationships

A beautiful smile is an essential factor in making positive and lasting impressions; this goes to potential employers and even “mates.” People who smile more are perceived as someone who is successful, approachable, kind, and reliable.

Good for the heart

Stress can increase a person’s blood pressure, which makes the heart function more. A study was performed where some people are instructed to keep a straight face while others to smile. The result was, those who smiled recovered from stress quickly than those who did not.

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