Things to Think About When You Get Scared of Teeth Extractions in Roseville, CA

Teeth extractions are two simple words with significant and tremendous impact. Have you ever noticed someone who has been required for a tooth removal? You might see them trembling, sweating, and even shaking while heading their way inside the dental clinic.


 Extraction of the tooth may not be the most pleasant dental procedure to try, but sometimes it is the only treatment you need to get rid of the affected tooth due to issues like cavities, impaction, or overcrowding. At Roseville Topsmiles, we perform a tooth extraction procedure to patients in the most comfortable manner. But if you cannot stop worrying about the discomfort that you might get if you undergo the procedure, try thinking of these things:

You will not stay too long in the dental chair

The process involved in a tooth extraction treatment is much quicker than the procedure for fillings or crowns. In other words, you will not spend a lot of time lingering in the dental office – while bearing with the unpleasant sound of different dental equipment!

It’s better to undergo the procedure than be sorry

Neglecting your need for extraction may lead to severe complications. For instance, decay and infections, if not given the immediate and appropriate solution, it may require extensive procedures and extended recovery in the long run.

It is not difficult to recover from a tooth extraction

The good news is, human mouths are remarkably fast to heal! In a day or so, you can already eat and do activities normally. And besides, getting rid of the deteriorated tooth due to infection offers great relief.

Sedation dentistry is available for maximum comfort

You can totally feel at ease while having the procedure as sedatives are often administered by the dental professional. There are different options under sedation dentistry, but it is the dentist that can tell which one is best suited for you. What’s sure is that this specific branch in dentistry will make your dental experience smoother than it should be.


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