Why do Children need to visit a Dentist? Roseville, CA


At an early age, children must be trained to keep the gums and teeth healthy at home. Aside from home care, children should start visiting a dentist before the arrival of the first tooth and their first birthday. Early check-ups will help prevent dental problems and even other medical issues. Providing the best care for children’s teeth is a priority for us here at Roseville Topsmiles. We offer Pediatric Dentistry to our young patients in Roseville and surrounding areas.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

  • Sealants. Most of the children are fond of eating sugary foods that is why young teeth are more likely to get cavities. Young teeth are weaker than adult teeth and to protect it, sealants are used. Sealants provide a protective barrier against plaque and bacteria.  
  • Fluoride Applications. Fluoride prevents cavities and makes the teeth stronger.
  • Fillings. When there are cavities, fillings are used to cover the damaged area. It protects the tooth from further damage while restoring its natural appearance.
  • Emergency Dentistry. If accidents happen and it damages the young patient’s teeth or mouth tissue, emergency care should be done immediately to prevent further complications.

Advantages of early dental visits

  • In an early age, the child will be introduced to proper oral hygiene that can be practiced at home.
  • Check if the jaw and the teeth are developing correctly.
  • Decrease the chance of tooth decay or any dental pain in the future.
  • Lessen the possibility of a child to develop dental trauma or anxiousness.

The sooner that they begin having regular dental checkups, the stronger their teeth should stay throughout their growth. Young children with healthy teeth chew food easily, speak clearly and smiles confidently. Dental visits help children prevent cavities and tooth decay which can lead to various medical issues. The parents will also be reminded of the benefits of encouraging young ones to drink milk or water as they turn one year old and the brushing of teeth every after meal.

Roseville Topsmiles is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health with our Pediatric Dentistry Services in Roseville. If you want to experience secure and more child-friendly dental services, contact us and book your appointment at (916) 352-0282. We are located at 2110 Professional Drive, Suite 115, Roseville, CA 95661.